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InfortisaLABS digital services

InfortisaLABS digital services drive business growth

Adapt or die. The digital transformation of companies is a fact. The importance of being present on the Internet and adopting tools to improve analysis capacity, reduce costs and be more productive has become a necessity in a competitive market, where online commerce is booming and new technologies are indisputable support for any business. In this context, InfortisaLABS was born, Infortisa’s digital services area that since 2019 offers comprehensive solutions to adapt to new challenges, optimize processes and continue to grow.

Fernando López, who directs the
InfortisaLABS department, led by Víctor Martínez, application development director, has highlighted some services of his
catalog designed to digitize businesses and increase their profitability.
In addition, he has detailed how they can help companies improve their
management through technology and integration of personalized solutions. Along the same lines, he explained the importance of having
own web page and adopt a digital marketing strategy according to the needs and objectives of each particular case.

Why did Infortisa decide to create a digital services branch? What are the most demanded?

Adapting to the needs of each business is our main premise and the one that has led us to take this step. Our purpose is to help our clients grow in the digital environment. As a technological partner of companies, we offer comprehensive solutions in the online field so that they can achieve success, with a wide range of digital services such as web design, ERP solutions, industry 4.0, BI intelligence, ICT Outsourcing or Digital Marketing.

Currently the most demanded is web development. Today, a company that does not have its own page on the Internet risks going unnoticed by the vast majority of the public. In addition, it is important to complement it with digital marketing services that ensure good positioning. It is not enough to just have a website. You have to work on it to appear among the first search results. For this, channels such as SEO, SEM and social networks are essential in any online strategy.

You offer personalized solutions, how do you adapt to customer needs?

In order to offer personalized digital services, we schedule a first meeting with the client. In it, he presents his main needs, the project he wants to carry out and his objectives. Based on this information, we make a work proposal where we collect a previous analysis of your online business. This allows us to determine where the starting point is and develop a work in phases. During this process, we prioritize the appropriate actions to achieve the goals set.

Why is it important for a business to have an online presence?

Nowadays, having a presence on the Internet has become one of the most relevant aspects of business marketing. A business that does not have its own space on the network will be missing the opportunity to increase its database and achieve a greater reach. In addition, this is a fundamental aspect to be competent in the current market.

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