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QLED, OLED or LED TV. Which one to choose?​

QLED, OLED or LED TV. Which one to choose?

Do you want to buy a new television and don’t know which one to choose? With this publication we help you to know a little better the characteristics of some of the technologies that exist today and we give you the keys to know how to choose between a QLED, OLED or LED TV.

Difference between LED and QLED TV

The main difference between LED TVs (Light Emitting Diode) and QLEDs is the way of lighting they use. While the former use white diodes that illuminate the pixels from the rear, QLED TVs use a rear blue light. This Quantum dots technology, considered the most advanced version of the LED LCD system, makes the pixels activate individually. As a result, a QLED TV offers higher contrast and deeper blacks. It also manages to reproduce brighter colors and, therefore, clearer and more striking images.

With all this, although LED models can be a good alternative for those looking for a cheaper television, QLED screens are a better option in terms of quality and functionality.

What is Quantum Dot technology?

Among the different types of TV screens that currently exist, QLED (Quantum Dot Light Emitting Diode) are the latest update to LED LCD panels. These high-end TVs use quantum dot filters, made from next-generation semiconductor nanocrystals, to reproduce brighter images and more accurate colors.

Why choose a TV with Quantum Dot technology?

Although it is true that OLED TVs have positioned themselves as one of the best options, their high cost means that these screens are only available to those who can afford large costs. On the other hand, QLED televisions are especially recommended for users looking for a high-end model, with good value for money.

If you are among the latter and cannot wait another minute to choose your new TV, go to the Infortisa website to find out about our brand models such as TCL or Hisense. Click here to buy a QLED TV.

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